Some of Northern Dawn Cottage Bakery’s Cake Portfolio

  • We would like to show you some of our cakes that we have done in the past.  There are many others we don’t have photos of yet.  However, here are a sprinkling of what we have done.  The cakes in this portfolio are just a small fraction of cakes we have done.
  • We have been decorating cakes in a commercial bakery for around twelve years
  • Enjoy very much creativity of cake decorating

It will be a pleasure to share our cake designs with you, and make cakes special to your needs.

Table Cakes


Name: Scrumptious Fudge

This chocolate Cake is iced with scrumptious fudge icing, then drizzled with white swirls and maraschino cherries placed on top.


Name: Fudge  Drizzled German Chocolate Cake

This is one example of a German Chocolate cake. Soon we will be showing some other ideas.

 Rose1Name: Roses

We’ve done many looks and feel of rose cakes, but this is just one that we did for a customer.

German_Chocolate_Double1Name: German Chocolate with Centered Cherries

Again, we have done various varieties and looks of German Chocolate cakes. We will soon post more ideas.

Artistic Cakes


Name: Elephant

This little elephant was first drawn on the cake, then the icing piped on.  It was a cake order for a customer.


Name: Johnson Tire

This was the anniversary of this tire shop.  The customer brought in their logo.   I piped on the logo and iced the cake with the logo

 We are awaiting photos of the pop can cake and some others

Kit Cakes


Kit: Frozen

One of my coworkers at the commercial bakery asked for this Frozen kit.  We had to put our own ideas into it, as this was just a toy he and his wife had purchased.


Kit: Finding Nemo ( Dory Squirters)

Often in a commercial setting we would decorate using licensed cake kits.  This cake was for one of our customers

Winter_CharactersKit: Not a licensed cake

My Name: Games in Winter Wonder Land

We had some bobble heads and nick knacks for winter.  I just put them together into this scene. for fun.


Clegg Family Wedding

Rob_cake_done1 shared by permission from Stephanie Rob_CakeAnother view of the finished cake
 Comparison1Layer two, before we really started sculpting much.     Note the comparison of the white of front layer, to the shaded color on the layer behind       View_Shading1See the shaded effect on this layer.  I need to photoshop the photo so you can see it better. Also note the sculpting.
Each layer starts with a darker shade or coral and shades up to a lighter one. That isn’t a technique I’d done. So thanks to friend Tia, we found a video on how to do it.  You basically add the darker shade, the a light shade, overlapping and a lighter shade yet. Then you take your straight edge and smudge the colors together, which blends them.Next technique I had to do that I’d not done before is the ridge effect. You can use a spoon to drag the edges. Or better yet, use a small spatula to drag the ridges.

 Other Wedding Cakes

 Wedding_Cake1a       Wedding_Cake1b  This is a rose wedding cake I decorated for a customer
Awaiting western wedding cake photos and some others