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Alfalfa For goats

  • Rule of thumb is about 3 pounds per day (give or take) for a lactating doe per 100 pounds body weight
  • Average Nigerian Dwarf is about 75 pounds
  • Average Mini Nubian is about 90 to 100 pounds
  • Average standard sized breed is about 175 to 200 pounds
  • #10 can of alfalfa pellets is about 4.8 pounds


    Pounds Per Day

    Pounds Per Feeding

    #10 Can Amount Per Feeding

    Prices in My Area

    Mountain Sunrise Alfalfa Pellets $14.99/50 lb bag (.30/lg)

    Standlee Alfalfa Pellet $11.99/40 lb bag (.30)

    Price Per Goat

    Price Per Goat

    Nigerian Dwarf
    Lactating 2 1/4 1 1/8 1/4 roughly .68/day, $20/mon same
    Non-Lactating 1.5 .75 a little under 1/4 can .45/day $13.50/mon same
    Mini Nubian
    Lactating 2.7 1.4 a little over 1/4 can .81/day  $24.30/mon
    Non-Lactating 1.8 .9 a little under 1/4 can .54/day  $16.20/mon
    Standard Breeds
    Lactating 5 1/4 2 1/8 roughly 1/2 can $1.58/day $47.25/mon
    Non-Lactating 3 1/2 1 3/4 a little over 1/3 can $1.05/day $31.50/mon
    Note from Mountain Sunrise:  Make sure to change any feed gradually over a two week span.  Keep feeding what we are normally feeding and decrease a little bit of that, then introduce the new feed gradually.  This is because of how the rumen works.

* The amount to feed comes from the Mountain Sunrise Animal Nutritionist

* Amounts that animals weight on average per breed comes from the general internet

*Peggy (Northern Dawn) did the calculation

Alfalfa for Horses



 Pounds Per Day

Pounds Per Feeding


   10  5  $3/day  $90/mon
 Note: Mountain Sunrise nutritionist says that the reason that some pellets are not good to feed horses as their total diet, is because they have binders in them that are not digestible.  As long as the pellets don’t have a binder in them, then pellets can be fed as the horse’s total diet.  Again, this comes from the nutritionist.  


Gestation Calculators

We have found several gestation calculators which we love.  We try hard to know exactly the date of breeding on our does. However, since we pen breed and work full time, its not always 100% sure that we saw the doe breed.  Thus, sometimes we have to work backwards from the kidding date to obtain the breeding date.  Thus, we will display some different gestation calculators which we use.  Also our Mini Nubians tend to run 150 days gestation, whereas our Nigerian Dwarf run around 145 days.


Calculator Type

  • Love this calculator
  • Allows one to place the breeding date only
  • You can easily switch between 145 and 150 days gestation
http://goattalk.com/goatpregcal/pregcalc.htm Just found this calculator and its awesome!

  • 145 day gestation calculator
  • Allows you to put in either the kidding date or the breed date
  • 151 day gestation calculator
  • Allows you to either create kidding date or breeding date


Nutrient Calculator

Calculator URL

What is the Table?

More Information

http://www2.luresext.edu/goats/research/nutritionmodule1.htm  Just found this calculator. I’m going to play with it some.  Looks very interesting http://www.extension.org/pages/19062/goat-interactive-nutrient-calculator#.VNeQCC6SaFI
Good information about feeding requirements etc http://www.milkproduction.com/Library/Scientific-articles/Other-milking-animals/Feeds-and-nutrition/