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Researching Pedigrees


We taught people genealogy for many years, as to how to research, document, record etc. One of the things we teach is sourcing and the high value of it. And also we teach not to just copy internet or hard copy trees, as often times these are invalid. We have been breeding livestock for many years.

Researching Pedigrees

What should be in our pedigrees?

As in people genealogy, think Who, When, Where, What Source source


(Milk, show)


(ADGA Linear Appraisal, AGS Classification, NDGA evaluation, MDGA evaluation etc.

Milk and show records

ADGA, AGS, MDGA will show some currently

Birth Dates

with sources

Pedigree names

with sources

Ask questions on conformation, milkability,

Yeah, but where can I find these records?

adgagenetics.org AGS Milk fileshttp://www.americangoatsociety.com/milkpail/milk_production_awards.phpPrinted generational pedigreesAGS Excel file from Milk coordinator for Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian. This is a set of complete milk files that has not only milk awards, but doe/buck name/pedigree number, heights, parents names/registration numbers. Free for the asking from milk coordinator. MDGA, TMGR, IDGR
Web Searchbeing careful to document and not copy wrong info Breeder Websites and personally contacting them Owner websites

Should we import various people’s databases into the main group database?

My belief is No Why? Corruption of the main database Why would it corrupt?Because all too often incorrect data is put into onto the internet. Its fine to take that informaton, photos etc. But we need documented proof that this information is accurate.
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