Dairy Breeds Raised

  • Nigerian Dwarf – American Goat Society (AGS) and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA) purebreds
  • Nigerian Dwarf – International Dairy Goat Registry (IDGR) recorded grades
  • Mini Nubian – Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and TMGR (Americans and grades)

Milk Awards

  • 2011 American Goat Society Top Ten Awards for two does
    1. One doe was #1 in Protein and received an award as an Outstanding Dairy goat
    2. Another doe was awarded Long Term Milker.  This doe went on to milk 525 days before we dried her up for kidding
  • 2012 Ruminations Magazine Top Ten List
    (This award is for Nigerian Dwarf and Mini breeds who are not on milk test with American Goat Society, ADGA or NDGA)

    1. Our IDGR Recorded Grade Nigerian Dwarf are all three on 2012 Ruminations Magazine Top Ten List
  • Advanced Registry or qualifying for Advanced Registry
    1. All our American Goat Society does who began Dairy Herd Improvement Milk test in Nov 2011 and Spring 2012 have received their Advanced Registry Awards, far exceeding required amounts
    2. Our Recorded Grade Nigerian Dwarfs have qualified for the requirements of Advanced Registry
    3. Our 3rd generation American Mini Nubian still has two milk tests to go, and has far exceeded her requirements for milk and butterfat to receive her Advanced Registry.
    4. Our doe production for a ten month period ranges from 500 pounds to over 1200 pounds

Our goats are proven Dairy Goat

  • This herd is on Dairy Herd Improvement Milk test and we take proving our herd as dairy animals very seriously.
  • Our does milk easily from 10 months to often 1 1/2 years before we dry them up for future kidding
  • Our does have a strong willingness to milk long term
  • Most of our does milk produce in a 10 month period of

Goal for kids that you may purchase

  • Quiet and friendly friends, who are willing to please you
  • Fun loving
  • Overall and udder conformation strong and structurally correct
  • Dams are long term milkers (10 months to 1 1/2 years lactation)
  • Show quality
  • In 2010 our goats made grand and reserve Grand championship in Costume


  • Our goats are show quality

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