Brief Summary of Registries We Use

American Goat Society (AGS)

Quote below about American Goat Society, from their website:

“The American Goat Society, Inc. was founded in 1935. In 1937, AGS merged with the International Dairy Goat Record Association, which had been established in 1925: so some of the pedigree records of AGS go back more than 80 years.

The American Goat Society has a long history of pioneering. It was the first organization to register purebred goats exclusively.  It was first to supply two generations of pedigrees on the registration certificate. AGS brought the first national dairy goat show. It was first to provide training for goat judges. It was first to offer classification of dairy goats. Today, AGS continues to seek new ways to serve dairy goat enthusiasts.”

AGS is our primary purebred Nigerian Dwarf registry.  We love working with them, with their efficient record keeping system and homes town atmosphere.  We have had strong customer service and efficiency with working through this registry.  Milk testing is a great program with them and very well done.  Records are readily available for the asking, as well.  We look forward to doing their Classification Program on our entire herd.  This is a system of goat evaluation, which can have a great advantage in herd management and bettering our herd breeding program.  AGS Classification is similar to ADGA’s Linear Appraisal program.

I will add that AGS is the second original USA registry for the Nigerian Dwarf goat, after the original IDGR herdbook.  AGS’s early herd book was the Committee herd book.  I am told that some of the early Nigerian Dwarf were registered in both the Pygmy and Nigerian herd books within AGS, as well as some were originally registered in the Pygmy Association, then later in the AGS Committee herd books.  Reason being that there was a distinct difference in the conformation of these early Nigerian Dwarf from the Pygmy goats.  Many of these early Committee registered Nigerian Dwarf will have an F at the end of their registration number, meaning Foundation stock.

International Dairy Goat Registry

 IDGR_Logo   Quote below about International Dairy Goat registry, from their website:

I.D.G.R. was established in 1980 in Texas, for the purpose of providing a low cost registration and record-keeping service for owners of ALL breeds of goats, and exotic breeds of sheep. With four herdbooks for Purebreds, Americans, Grades, and Experimentals in every breed, there is a ‘home’ in IDGR for every goat, and every exotic sheep.

IDGR is committed to helping breeders to breed for the best and to keeping the breeds pure and separate. IDGR has many safeguards in place to ensure the purity of the breeds and confirmation to their respective breed standards.”

I will add that IDGR was the first registry in the United States to create a herd book for the Nigerian Dwarf.  Many of these little goats were then Direct Imports of West African Dwarf. They have done much research into the history of the breed.  You can view some of these early Nigerian Dwarf.
One doe who is the direct ancestor of many of our buckskins and chamoisee of today’s Nigerian Dwarf is Pine Cone Valley Black Satin.  Pine Cone Valley herd was one of the early herds of Nigerian Dwarf, who made a great impact upon creating the breed we have today.  A photo of her is below.


The Goodwood herd was another of these early herds, which has made a huge impact upon creating the dairy breed of Nigerian Dwarf that we have today.

IDGR continues to have a wonderful milk program for all dairy breeds.  Here is a small quote that they have on milk production.
“In some countries goats kid only one or two times and are milked for years following kidding. Most goats now are unable to milk for extended periods of time. Milking for extended periods can be a helpful trait at times. This award is designed to reward those goats who do milk for extended periods and to encourage this trait to be preserved.”

I really like the Long term milk award to show that a doe can milk long term and not less than a specific amount during that time frame. Also they are the only dairy registry that I know of who not only has a 305 day milk test, but also a 30-day.  I think, personally that the 30-day gives the next best representation of dairy from 305 day test.  Just my opinion.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA)

Quote below on their registry of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat:
“The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association was formed in 1996 to preserve and promote the small, functional, dairy-type Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Any person interested in preserving the Nigerian Dwarf breed can become a member.”

We do milk testing through their milk program, as well. One of the things that we love about their program is that they have a different version of Long Term Milk award, called Dwarf Long Term (DLT) award.

American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

Quote below on their registry:

“Since 1904 the American Dairy Goat Association has been serving the dairy goat industry. With over one million animals registered since the Association was organized, we are the largest and fastest growing dairy goat organization and registry in the United States. Whether you’re thinking of acquiring your first dairy goats or are the owner of a commercial dairy, we hope that you let ADGA help provide the resources you need to be successful.”


ADGA has many wonderful programs such as their online pedigree and milk records program, Linear Appraisal (similar to the AGS classification and NDGA evaluation).  ADGA also has Superior Genetics program, as well, and an online look at inbreeding calculations.

We currently aren’t registering through ADGA, however many of our Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubians have ADGA parents or close ancestors with Superior Genetics and Milking awards.  Our Nigerian Dwarf are registerable through ADGA.

Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA)

MDGALogo       Quote about the registry:

“The Miniature Dairy Goat Association is dedicated to the development and promotion of medium-sized dairy goat breeds. We are a friendly group with members working together to promote the Miniature Dairy Goat industry. MDGA eagerly supports and encourages members working to develop and to perfect Miniature Dairy Goat Breeds.”

Registration Milk and Show Titles and Registration Numbers

We have attempted to make a set of tables to show the titles. The reason for this is to help us all understand better what the registrations and pedigrees mean.