What are Mini Nubians?

Mini Nubians and other Mini breeds such as Mini Alpine etc. are ac ross between their standard breed and a Nigerian Dwarf buck.   For example, the beginning stage of  a Mini Nubian is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and standard Nubian.  Typically we would make the first cross as a Nigerian Dwarf sire and a Nubian doe.  The reason is that a Nigerian Dwarf doe would likely die in child birth if having a Nubian baby, due to size of the kid compared to her own size. 

The Generations:

Our mini Nubian Registries:

Our Mini Nubian Shows:

  • MDGA V-Show, where we our goats have received Grand and Reserve Champion and Best Udder for does
  • Live MDGA and soon to be TMGR shows

While we do show, and greatly appreciate the comments of judges, we put more emphasis on Evaluations and Milk Production, along with correct udder conformation.  It is our hope to soon participate in Evaluations. Evaluations are an evaluation on every conformation area of one goat against the ideal goat, evaluated by qualified evaluators.  We raise Dairy goats, and breed for strong dairy.

Milk Testing

Our does are on Dairy Herd Improvement Milk Testing, aka DHI

So what is DHI?  It is a standardized milk testing program for dairy goats and dairy cows, which was, I think, started by dairy cattle people.  Databases of milk record comparisons are available for various breeds.  The main reason for this program is for herd management, better breeding, comparison of records etc.  When one tests their herds, they will be sending milk to a DHI Lab monthly for testing.  One will receive per doe information on milk totals (monthly, lactation and lifetime), Butterfat, Protein and Somatic Cell Count.

Registries get involved in this program.  They use the DHI information for bucks and does to give milk awards, Top Ten or Top 5 Awards in various categories, general listing of all milk records for various breeds, etc.

We have does with multiple milk records from all three of the above registries.  We are working on getting our bucks to also have their milk awards, based upon their daughters.

Our Mini Nubian Index

Echo Hills Elizabeth Swan aka Lizzy4th Generation American
MDGAAR*P(MDGA *P pending, awaiting processing)



  • Super easy to milk
  • Strong udder attachments, nice fore udder, long milkable teats with large orifices
  • Strong milker
  • 1x Grand Champion, 1 x Best Udder

Sire: Forget-Me-Not Octavian

SS: Forget-Me-Not Dexter
SD: Hidden Creek’s Sparkle Plenty

Dam: Echo Hill’s Easter Returns

DS: Echo Hill’s Lord Tobias *B
DD: Hackman Farms Easter Sunrise

Rocking Goat Tasha AR*D/AR*P/*M-Y/*MF-R/*ML-R

3rd Generation American

(MDGA *P pending, awaiting processing)

Tasha_Side_06202013_800x600Tasha Foreudder_Jun2012
  • Easy to kid, and her son Majesty produces easy to kid babies
  • Strong heavy milker, who loves to milk.  She will increase milk production, even after over a year of lactation, if asked to
  • Long milkable teats with large orifices
  • Strong udder attachments
  • Even while nursing 3 kids, she is still giving around a quart per day, not separated from her babies, at a couple weeks fresh
  • 2x Reserve Grand Champion, son Majesty 1x Reserve Champion
Sire: Hidden Creek’s Charming
SS: Hidden Creek’s Majesty

SD: Hidden Creek’s Caseopia

Dam: Rocking Goat Ginger

DS:  Echo Hill’s Simcoe
DD: Rocking Goat Noel

Warm Srings Naddie

1st Generation Recorded Grade (MDGA), 1st Generation Experimental (TMGR)

(Soon to obtain her *ML milk award from IDGR)

Naddie Side view
Naddie Side view


  • Super easy to kid
  • Excellent udder attachments, with capacious udder, which deflates
  • Teats medium length (1st freshening) and large orfices.  Super easy to milk
  • She is a doe who just milks and milks and doesn’t want to quit, just as Tasha above
  • 1x Reserve Grand Champion, 1x 1st place, 1x 2nd place

Sire: Chibi Yagi Rakunou

SS: Little Tot’s Estate Cody Blue
SD: MCH Neightnkevs Venetia

Dam: Warm Springs Dollie

DD: Summerglad Christy
This lineage is heavily Lakeshore Farms and Willow Lane

Warm Springs Jersey

  • Easy Kidder
  • Excellent udder attachments and capacious soft udder, which deflates
  • Long teats with large orifices (1st freshening), super easy to milk
  • She loves to milk and milk

Sire: Chibi Yagi Rakunou

SS: Little Tot’s Estate Cody Blue
SD: MCH Neightnkevs Venetia

Dam: Warm Springs Dollie

DD: Summerglad Christy
This lineage is heavily Lakeshore Farms and Willow Lane

Northern Dawn EHA Venetia

2nd Generation Recorded grade (MDGA), 2nd Generation Experimental (TMGR)

  • Currently a Junior doe
  • Long and very dairy
  • Nice body capacity

Sire: Echo Hills SG Archie

SS: Echo Hill’s Hes ‘A’Gem
SD: Echo Hill’s Sweetie’s Sonora

Dam: Warm Springs Naddie

DS: Chibi Yagi Rakunour Tansy
DD: Warm Springs Dolly
(Dolly’s lineage is heavily Lakeshore Farms and Willow Lane)


Echo Hills SG Archie

5th Generation American

  • Very easy to handle
  • Kids super easy.  We even had a Nigerian Dwarf doe kid with his kids
  • 1x Reserve Grand Champion

Sire: Echo HILLS’ Hes ‘A’ Gem

SS: FCH Echo Hill’s Sinbad
SD: echo Hill’s Emerald 2*P

Dam: Echo Hills’ Sweetie’s Sonora

DS: Echo Hill’s Lord Tobias *B
DD: FCH Hidden Creek’s Phoebe’s Sweetie *P

Milkin Daze Dusk’s Majesty

4th Generation American

  • He kids easily
  • 1x Reserve Grand Champion

Sire:  Rocking Goat Dusk

SS: Rocking Goat Rocko
SD: Rocking Goat Stardust

Dam: Rocking Goat Tasha

DS: Hidden Creek’s Charming
DD:  Rocking Goat Ginger