Name will likely be changed.

Thanks to Little Creek Nigerian Dwarf for this little man.  We are excited to include him in our breeding program.  We expect him to be a strong part of our dairy and show genetics.

Alvin not long after he is born. Blue eyed.

This little man is Alvin’s brother. He is brown eyed.

Pedigree of Little Creek baby buck

Little Creek baby buck
Sex: Buck
DOB: 1/31/2014

Breeder: Sydney  Owner: Peggy




 Laughter Acres Pluto
 Prairie Wood Mordecai
 MCH/CH Lost Valley JL Warrick *S *B
Photo as a 2 year old, Courtesy of Prairie Wood Ranch
Photo Courtesy of:
 Fairlea Jean-Luc *+S
DOB: 27 April 2007
Photo courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:
 MCH/CH Lost Valley ML Callie Ducane 3*D
Photo and Information Courtesy of :
2xJrGCH, 2xSrGCH, 3x SrRGCH, 3xBU
2012 Linear Appraisal VVEE 89
Photo Courtesty of Lost Valley
LV_ML_CallieDucane_Side_5-09 LV_ML_CallieDucane_Rear_5-09

Age Height DIM Milk Butterfat Protein Score Star
2.1 19 1/4 260 691 lb 36 lb, 5.2% 30 lb, 4.3% Y 2008 AR
4.02 20 213 643 lb 21 lb, 3.3% 24 lb, 3.7% Y 2009 AR
3.02 19 116 2.9 lb 2.90% 5.60% 40.4 Y One-Day 2008




 Prairie Wood Player *D/1*M
AGS 2008 Top Ten *1 Butterfat and High Score

Age Height DIM Milk Butterfat Protein Score
3 20 1/4 11 3.6 lb 9.90% 4.00% 60.15

Photo Courtesy of:

PrairieWood_Player_Side_08 PrairieWood_Player_Rear







 Kaapio Acres BT Racketeer +*S
 MK Ephrath OB
 Prairie Wood Noel
 MCH/CH Lost Valley ML Nekoda *S/*B
 MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S
DOB: 2-11-03
Photo and Information Courtesy of:
“Malachi is just as long as the day!  He is very level and has much the same structure as his dam.    We are very pleased with Malachi’s daughters.  We have seen consistant; tightly attached mammaries, with plumb, easy to milk teats with well defined MSL.
3xGCH, 3xSrCH, 1xRGCH, 1xRSrCH 
Dam: Lost Valley Zinfandel  3*D   
 (1xGCH, 1xBU, 1xBOB)   
 ARMCH Lost Valley Sade 3*D 2*M

Age Height DIM Milk Butterfat Protein Score Star
3.1 21 1/4 114 3.9 lb 3.60% 43.51 Y 2004 One Day
8.02 21 305 1237 lb 78 lb, 6.3% 57 lb 4.6% Y 2009 AR

Photo Courtesy of Lost Valley


Photo courtesy of Lost Valley and


Dam: Hill Country Shatarr 2*D

Photos and information courtesy of

HillCountry_shatarr2_4-29 Shatarr_RearUdder

Shatarr’s Milk Record:5.2 lbs as a second freshener


ARMCH Goodwood Tahoe+*S
Photo Courtesy of:

Goodwood Tahoel


 Prairie wood Hawks Sox
 Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk +S
 Gray’s-N-Goats Judy Blue Eyes
 Chalab EZ KCH Brownie
Photo Courtesy of:
Photo at 6 hours fresh and 1 week into lactatoin
 Kannah Creek KCM Hania
 Kannah Creek SF Matoskah
 Twin Creeks BW Solar Flare
 Gay-Mors RA Megabyte
 Gay-Mor’s Lucky Monarda
Photo Courtesy of Kannah Creek
Gaymor's Lucky Monarda1 Gay-Mor'sLuckyMonarda_Udd
 ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S,E
 Gay-Mor’s JJU Lavender
 Taber Family Farm Mocha Tara
 Kannah Creek RM Minco
 Sego Canyon KoKo
 Twin Creeks BW Solar Flare
 Sego Canyon Dyani

Champions are shown in red
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Age Height DIM Milk Butterfat Protein Score
3 20 1/4 11 3.6 lb 9.90% 4.00% 60.15