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We have to take current photos. These are several years old.

New Shadow Hills Moeco Miracle’s Pedigree

Pedigree of New Shadow Hills Moeco Miracle

(pedigree photos soon.. page under construction)


New Shadow Hills Moeco Miracle
Sex: Buck
DOB: 2/8/2010

Breeder: P Boone, Northern Dawn Nigerians
Email: trunkbranches@yahoo.com




 Rainbow Dancers Thunder
 Baker’s Barnyard Denver Blue
 Twin Creeks TA 2 Coll 2 B Blue
 HBF Whoop Dee Doo E
 Bluestone Olive Hoppers
 Flat Rocks Woody
 Flat Rocks Pyrite
 Yellow Rose Shannon
 Ruby Rock Holly
 Daniels Dandy Moeco
 Jobi Tomkin
 MCH Jobi Goldsmith
 Piddlin Acres Poland
 Goodwood Minuet
 Goodwood Madrigal *D
 Heart of America’s Black Spot
 Tin Acres Brown Eagle
 Willows Showdown
 Tin Acres Snowhite
 Tin Acres Gumdrop *D
 Tin Acres Ramsies
 Tin Acres Di


  • Miracle’s daughters all are very showy, with strong, yet very correct conformation.  I am milking two daughters and they have soft udders which deflate after being milked out. Super nice does.  Here are a few of his daughters (more photos soon.
  • Columbine_Side1_8252013_800x600R
    Photo taken 25 Aug 2013
    Columbine_ForeUdd_800x600 Columbine_RearUdd_8252013_800x600