MacDonalds Farm De-Luna Photos

Deluna_Side_8252012_800x6001 Deluna_FrontC_8312012_800x6001  Deluna_Rear_8252012_800x5003
Photos 1st freshening at 15 months fresh.

Pedigree of MacDonalds Farm De-Luna

MacDonalds Farm De-Luna *D
Sex: Doe
DOB: 3/20/2010

Owner: Northern Dawn Nigerians




 SLF TOT Moone Over Miami
 DC Miniatures Trick or Treat
 Twin Creeks RA Red Hot N Blue
AGS 1xGCH Senior Buck
NDGA 1x GCH Senior Buck
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 Piddlin Acres Red Adair
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 Flat Rocks American Beauty
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 Poetry Oaks Hibiscus
Piddline Aces Slo-Poky
Gay-Mor Al’s Nighball
 Desertwinds SN Mariah
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Full Sister is:
Desertwinds SN Stormy Weather AR*D/*DLT+   dob
Stormy’s milk:
DIM Milk  Butterfat  Protein
305  756   45       27 
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 ARMCH/PGCH Desertwinds Stormin’ Norman +*S
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 Desertwinds MT Charleston +S
aka “Charlie”
Mt Charleston
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 Eby’s Skittle at Felicity’s *D
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Jr. Reserve Grand Champion, and Jr. Grand Champion at the AGS shows in October 1998
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 Starbucks Creamora
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 Starbucks Romano
 Starbucks Amaretto Caffe’
 MacDonalds Farm Farrah
 Bells Samson
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 Bells Farm Panda
Panda sprg 06
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 MacDonalds Farm Smores
Smores b
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 Daniels Dandy Moeco
 Daniels Dandy Mandy
Mandy 1_2005-6(Bell)
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 Daniels Dandy Moeco
 Jobi Tomkin
 MCH Jobi Goldsmith
 Goodwood Madrigal *D
 Heart of America’s Black Spot
 Tin Acres Brown Eagle
Tin Acres Gumdrop *D

 Milk Records

MacDonalds Farm De-Luna 305 Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) Record  
 Lactation Kidding Date DIM Milk Pounds Butterfat Protein Comments
 1  5/22/2011  305  500 7.6%av, 38 lb 4.8%av, 24 lb Incomplete, due to beginning Dhi at 6 mon lactaton
1 5/22/2011  483  850  61 lb 42 lb  Incomplete, as above
2 10/11/2012 305 580 5.9%av, 7.23%high, 34 lb 5.22@av, 5.5%high, 30 lb ** Lactation still in progress at 371 days and still holding production well.  De-Luna received her AR*D easily.  Her first two milk tests were lost due to her kids escaping and milking her.  Due to an illness of my husband, De-Luna wasn’t milked for two days in April, and was milked once per day since April. Thus, the 305 DHI milk is much less than what she actually produced.



MacDonalds Farm De-Luna One Day Milk Test

 Year  Age  DIM Height  Milk Butterfat% Protein% Top Ten Type        Received *D
2012 2.00 302 20 3/8             1.6 lb     7.3% 5.0% 6th High Butterfat, 2nd High Protein, Longest DIM                                          yes

Deluna was purchased as a first freshener at roughly 6 months fresh.  She was barely giving a 1/4 cup of milk.  With perseverance, she came up to 1 1/4 quarts, which is where she remained the rest of her lactation.  Deluna easily received her One-day *D award at 15 months lactation. She is a doe who wants to milk and milk.

General Information

Udder type:
Very soft, deflates after being milked out, balanced, easy to milk medium length teats.

Kidding Ease:
Deluna kids without assistance and is a wonderful mom.

Kidding Record:
Freshening 2: 2 does (one white with strawberry highlights, one broken chamoiseee) and 1 white buck, all 3 blue eyes


Show Record:

Date Class Placing Ring 1 Placing Ring 2 Championship Ring 1 Championship Ring 2 Show Judge Ring 1 Judge Ring2 Comments Ring 1 Comments Ring 2
Fall 2012 Senior Does under age 2 1st  1st no  no USA Goat Show Tim Flickinger (AGS/ADGA Judge/Classifier)
Beverly Goldthwaite
ADGA Judge
 none  Long, deep, and wide doe – great capacity.  Straight fore legs and well angulated in rear.  Good extension to fore udder, rear seems low but is stale and lacks capacity.

Pedigree Information

  • Desertwinds SN Mariah
    Reported as giving 1/2 gallon a day
    Photo coming soon
  • Bells Samson
    has produced 2   AR*D daughters who so far
    Photo credit to Bells Farm
















AGS 1XGCH Senior Buck

NDGA 1X GCH Senior Buck