Northern Dawn Mini Ramana
Ramana’s fore udder, 2 1/1 months fresh, 5 Jun 2014

Northern Dawn Mini Ramana
Ramana’s fore udder, 2 1/1 months fresh, 5 Jun 2014

Northern Dawn Mini Ramana
Ramana’s fore udder, 2 1/1 months fresh, 5 Jun 2014
I have asked a certified judge and also the long term breeder of Ramana’s granddam Roc N Ewe DE Runaway what they think of Mona.
Comments to the right.  Thanks so much you guys! I’ll get proper photos soon.
 Judge: Nice udder!  Long Term Breeder: “Love the udder on Ramana, looks like great attachments, placement of her teats is fantastic and the teat size is so nice.”


Milk Records, 305 Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI)

Ramana’s current 305 DHI is currently in progressFirst Freshening 3/22/2014, with two kids





Somatic Cell

4/15/14 1.5 lb 4.2% 4.2% 100
5/21/14 2.3 lb 5.3% 4.0% 53


Pedigree of Northern Dawn Mini Ramana


Northern Dawn Mini Ramana
(IDGR Recorded Grade Nigerian Dwarf)
Sex: Doe
DOB: 1/28/2012

Breeder: P Boone, Northern Dawn Nigerians




Northern Dawn Mac
Chibi Yagi Rakunou Tansy
Daughter: Northern Dawn Blue Heaven AR*D easily received her milk award and went on to milk long term.  Long super easy to milk teats with great attachments on udderDaughter: Northern Dawn Sally Fields, is in process of DHI.  She is currently running at 3.3 pounds milk and will easily make her milk awardAll daughters that we own have very nice well balanced udders, with nice attachments
Little Tot’s Estate Cody Blue
Little Tot’s Estate Ageratum
MCH Neightnkevs Venetia
Bells Choco
MCH Herzinger’s TC Happiness
Roc N Ewe DE Runaway
Bred by: Kay Holloway
Love that huge capacious udder, very long well balanced teats and excellent medial attachments. The orifices are large, making her an absolute joy to milk
MCH/PGCH Roc N Ewe JM Duke of Earl +S E
Roc N Ewe Ranch Jimmy Mack
Flat Rocks Keepsake
Covenent Kids Lady Minervia *D
Woodhaven Farms Faron Hite
PGCH Covanent Kids Lady Godiva
Shadow Hills Thumbolina
Northern Dawn Ethel
(IDGR Recorded Grade Nigerian Dwarf)
Except for her first breeding, Ethel has always been bred to purebred AGS bucks.  Always always throws very dairy Nigerian Dwarf kids.  Kids so easy that you blink, you miss it.  Super easy to milk



Northern Dawn Ethel



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