*** We are very very proud of our goats.  And commend the judges and show chairman for their hard work and expertise.

Nigerian Dwarf Junior Does

Clara_Front_6262014_800x600 Clara_Rear_6262014_800x600 Clara_Side_6262014_800x600
Clara_Top_6262014 Northern Dawn MM Miss Clara, DOB: 8/16/2013, Photo: 6/26/2014New Shadow Hills MM Moeco Miracle x  Hawk Meadows Flutter By AR 2*D/+DLT

Judge -> Jean Lucas Judge -> Todd Biddle
1st Place 1st Place
A single entry and she is first. I would commend her for her upstanding in the front end. Also in general appearance she has a long lean clean neck. She is naturally level in the loin and chine, I would like to see her better on the rear leg set when viewed from the side and the rear. We have a single entry in our Nigerian Dwarf junior yearling class.  She is a sharp withered doe who is upstanding.  She is wide over her topline and rump.  She has enough merit in respective areas of the scorecard to earn a blue.


 Reanne_Front_6262014_800x600 Reanne_Rear_6262014_800x600 Reanne_Side_6262014_800x600
 Reanne_Top_6262014_800x600  Name:  Northern Dawn Lil’ Reanne, DOB: 3/22/2014, Photo Date 6/26/2014  Entry 1 in MDGA classNew Shadow Hills Moeco Miracle x Northern Dawn Blue Heaven AR*D

Judge Jean Lucas Judge Todd Biddle
2nd 2nd
Two is going over one for her advantage in body capacity.       She is deeper and wider throughout with more depth in the heart girth.       When viewed from the rear she has more height and width in the escutcheon. #1 will be commended for her femininity in the head.


 Ava_Front_6262014_800x600 Ava_Rear_6262014_800x600 Ava_Side_6262014_800x600
 Name: Northern Dawn Lil’ Ava, DOB: 2/10/2014, Photo Date: 6/26/2014Northern Dawn Apache x Neightnkevs Izzy AR*D

Judge Jean Lucas Judge Todd Biddle
1st 1st
A Single entry and she is first.       I would commend her for her Dairy Character being sharp and angular with good depth of rear barrel. In General appearance she is smoothly blended with good stature. We have a single entry Nigerian Dwarf senior kid.  I appreciate the openness of rib and the development to her rear rib and barrel.  She will earn a blue.
 Ava_Top_6262014_800x600  Ava_Side2_6262014_800x600


 Kitty_Front_6262014_800x600 Kitty_Rear_6262014_800x600 Kitty_Side_6262014_800x600
 Kitty_Top_6262014_800x600  Name: Northern Dawn Blue Kitty Hawk, DOB: 6/25/2013, Photo Date: 6/26/2014   Entry 1 in MDGA classNorthern Dawn Blue Spruce x Northern Dawn Lady Sugar

Judge Jean Lucas Judge Todd Biddle
2nd 2nd
This is a very close placing but in general appearance 2 goes over one as she is more correct in feet and legs.       She is straighter in the foreleg and more angular in the rear leg.       She is longer and leaner and cleaner in the neck and throat. She will yield to the height and width of the escutcheon to 1. #1 will be commended for her desirable shape to her bride of nose.

Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does


 Heaven_Front_6282014  Heaven_Rear Heaven_Side_6282014
 Heaven_Top_6282014  Heavn_RearUdder  Heaven_Side2
Heaven_Foreudder2    2x Grand Champion Senior Doe
Northern Dawn Blue Heaven AR*D, DOB: 3/26/2001, Fresh Date: 3/22/2014, 2nd Freshener, Nursing son, Photo Date 6/28/20214Chibi Yagi Rakunou Tansy x Desertwinds StairwayToHeaven


 Lucy_Foreudder_06282014  Lucy_Front_06282014 Lucy_Side_06282014
 Lucy_Rear_06282014  Lucy_Top_06282014  2x Reserve Grand Champion
Name: Northern Dawn Lil’ Lucy, DOB: 25 Feb 2012, Fresh Date: 4/27/2014, 1st Freshener, Nursing, Photo Date: 6/28/2014Creamery Creak Milk Man x Bluestone HD Lil’ Lucy

Nigerian Dwarf Junior Bucks

 SallySon_Side  SallySon_Front_6292014 SallySon_Rear_6292014

 Name:  Northern Dawn Lil’ Firestorm, DOB: 1/13/2014, Photo Date: 6/2/2014

Northern Dawn Apache x Northern Dawn Sally Fields (soon to be AR 3*D)

1st Place

Nigerian Dwarf Senior Bucks

Bud_Front_6292014  Bud_Rear_6292014 Bud_Side_6292014

Northern Dawn Lil’ Bud, DOB:  2/25/2012, Photo: 6/29/2014

Northern Dawn Apache x Hawk Meadows HH Northern Roxi AR*D

1st in class


 Apache_Front_63032014 Apache_Rear2_6302014 Apache_Side_6302014

Northern Dawn Apache, DOB:  5/16/2009

2x Grand Champion

Creamery Creek Milk Man x Bluestone HD Lil’ Lucy

Judge Jean Lucas Judge Todd Biddle
1st 1st
He is strong in all areas of the score card.       General appearance he is smoothly blended and level over the top. He is correct in the front and rear legs.   Body capacity he is deep and wide throughout. our single entry is well worthy of blue merit.  He is an excellent example of the breed defining what we are looking for in all aspects of the scorecard.


Mini Nubian Junior Does


 Noel_Front_6262014_800x600 Noel_Rear_6262014_800x600  Noel_Side_6262014_800x600
 Noel_Top_6262014_800x600  Name: Northern Dawn Baby Noel, DOB: 02/24/2014, Photo Date: 6/26/2014, 4th Generation American Mini NubianEcho Hills SG Archie x Rocking Goat Tasha AR*D/*P



 Lady_Front_Sheffield  Lady_Rear_Sheffield  Lady_Side_Sheffield
 Lady_Top_Sheffield   This doe is for Cheryl Sheffield.  Name Lady info should b on the sow applicaiton) (Sorry.


Mini Nubian Senior Does


Tasha_Fore Tasha_Rear1 Tasha_Side1
Tasha_For2 Tasha_Rear1 Tasha_Top
Nsme: Rocking Goat *P/AR*D, DOB: 6/05/2007, Fresh Date: 2/24/2014, 3rd Freshener, Photo Date: 06/28/2014 Once per day milking, 3rd Generation American Mini Nubian

Best Udder under Todd Biddle


 Elizabeth_Foreudder Elizabeth_RearUdder Elizabeth_Front
Name: Echo Hills Elizabeth Swan *P, DOB: 3/19/2009, Fresh Date: 3/04/2013, Milked Once per day,  3rd Freshener,  4th Generaton Mini Nubian

 Naddie_Front1  Naddie_Rear Naddie_Side_6272014
 Naddie_Top_0622014  Naddie_Front2
Name: Warm Springs Naddie, DOB: 3/04/2011, Fresh Date: 2/21/2013, 1st Freshener, Milked once per day, Photo Date: 6/28/2014, 1st Generation Recorded Grade Mini NubianChibi Yagi Rakunou Tansy x Warm Springs Dollie

Missy_Front_06282014 Missy_Rear_06282014 Missy_Side1_06282014
Missy_Foreudder_06282014 Missy_RearUdder_06282014  Missy_Side2
Northern Dawn Missy, 1st Generation Recorded Grade (3/4 Nigerian Dwarf/1/4 Nubia), DOB: 9/13/12, Fresh Date: 4/14/12, 1st fresheningNorthern Dawn Apache x Warm Springs Jersey

Mini Nubian Junior Bucks

 Tobias_Front_6262024_800x600  Tobias_Rear_6262014 Tobias_Side_6262014_800x600
 Tobias_Top_6262014   Name: Northern Dawn Lord Tobias, DOB: 2/24/2014, Photo Date: 6/26/20124, 4th Generation American Mini NubianEcho Hills SG Archie x Rocking Goat Tasha AR*D/*P


Mini Nubian Senior Bucks

Archie_Front_6302014 Archie_Rear_6302014 Archie_Side_6302014
Archie_Top_6302014 Echo Hills SG Archie, DOB: 3/31/2011, 5th Generation American Mini Nubian 


Majesty_Front_6302014 Majesty_Rear_6302014 Majesty_Side_6302014
Majesty_Top_6302014 Millkin’ Daze Dusk’s Majesty, DOB: 3/27/2012, 4th Generation Mini Nubian