Goat Shares, to share Raw Milk and Milk Products


  • Our little mini-dairy is now sharing these wonderful raw milk and milk products with you.
  • Our blog will show you how we handle our milk, our planned bacteria
    and plate count testing etc to ensure quality milk.  We will also share
    with you on our blog what the share program is.
  • We strive to feed non-GMO feeds and a minimal of grain.  Quality alfafa and grass are the feeds we use.  In so doing, we are investigating the feeding of fodder that we hope to grow here at the farm. If this fodder plan works, the goats will have added nutrition and fresh greens 365 days a year.
  • We hold a valid Food Handler’s Permit and are very sanitary with our milk
  • Our milk is quickly chilled to Raw to Retail standards to ensure long lasting sweet tasting milk
  • We raise Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian and Nubian dairy goats.
  • Our does are milked 365 days per year
  • We hope to make this a small training facility, also, to teach how to become more self-sufficient

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What is the proposed Bill All about and how does it help the Producer and Consumer?
Come join us for a discussion on on my Word Press blog or my northern dawn blog.  We need your opinions and insight.

Dairy Goats

Welcome to Northern Dawn Nigerians is; the home strong milking miniature dairy goats. Our goal is to provide exceptional genetics and quality animals to our customers. If you're looking for reliable information or assistance with your goat breeding endeavors, feel free to reach out to us. If you're a student in need of academic support, you may be wondering what the best essay writing service is. Look no further! Our team of experienced writers and editors is committed to delivering top-notch essays that meet your specific requirements and academic standards.  We are located in Utah County of Utah.  Our herd consists of Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

  • Dairy Herd Improvement milk tested
  • Long Term Milkers of often 15 to 18 months and even close to two years lactation per doe
  • Top Ten American Goat Society Milking does
  • Advanced Registry American Goat Society and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association
  • High Protein and Butterfat
  • People using our milk are obtaining high yields on their cheese and yogurt

My milk schedule leaves a lot to be desired, because of my employment schedule.  We typically milk at 1am and 7 pm, but these does just keep milking and milking

Our Blogs

We are posting our blog postings and hope you will come and participate and enjoy our news and thoughts.

Our Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian Does with milk awards

MacDonalds Farm Cocoa AR *D
Macdonalds Farm Cocoa AR*D (AGS)
Met requirements for NDGA *DAR+
  1. 2011 American Goat Society Top Ten for days in milk 341 days         after a gruelling show in Idaho that was 40 degrees. 
  2. She actually went on to milk for 525 days and had to be forced to dry up for kidding
  3. *D as 1st freshener(One-Day American Goat Society test)
  4. Received her Advanced Registry in 305 DHI in 2012 with 760 pounds milk, 6.1% average butterfat and 4.3% protein.


Hawk Meadows Flutter By AR *D/*DD/DLT
Hawk Meadows Flutter By AR *D/*DLT+
American Goat Society and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association
  1. 2011 #1 American Goat Society Top Ten on One-Day test for Protein
  2. Outstanding Milk Award Certificate
  3. 2012 #8 American Goat Society Top Ten on 305 DHI for Protein with 4.5% and 41 pounds protein
  4. 2012 received her Advanced Registry Award in Dairy Herd Improvement with 910 pounds milk in 305 days, 6.3% average with 57 pounds butterfat, 4.5% with 41 pounds protein.
  5. Milked easily and had to be forced to dry up at 663 days in milk and gave 1470 pounds milk with 93 pounds butterfat and 69 pounds protein
  6. Sire: Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR received his AR +S milking award from his daughter
  7. Dam: Wind Valley Shadow Princess Received her *D milking award


Hawk Meadows HH Blue Shadow AR *D/*DD/DLT
Hawk Meadows HH Blue Shadow AR *D/*DLT+
American Goat Society and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

Hawk Meadows HH Northern Roxi AR *D
Hawk Meadows HH Northern Roxi AR*D (AGS)
Met requirements for NDGA *DLT+
 Neightnkevs Izzy AR*DMeets requirements for NDGA *DAR+

MacDonalds Farm De-Luna AR*D (AGS)
Met requirements for NDGA *DLT+
Northern Dawn Blue Heaven AR*D (AGS)
Meets NDGA requirements for *DLT*



IDGR Recorded Grade Nigerian Dwarf
Top Ten of Ruminations Milk Test
Met AGS requirements for AR*D
Met NDGA requirements for *DAR*


Rocking Goat Tasha
Rocking Goat Tasha
Miniature Dairy Goat Association and TMGR

Awaiting, and easily qualifies for her MDGA *P in Butterfat and Protein
Qualifies for TMGR *D
Qualifies for IDGR *M-R and *MF-R and *ML-R

Northern Dawn Captain BIrdee
Northern Dawn Captain Birdee
(IDGR Registered) Ruminations Magazine Milk test
Meets requirements for AGS AR*D and NDGA *DLT+
Qualifies for IDGR *MF-Y

 Herd Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian Show Achievements


Apache2-248x250_by KristinRB
Apache with his two Grand Champion Show legs at the Provo Sunhill Classic


June 2013 received Grand Champion under both judges
American Goat Society SanctionJudges:

  1. Mark Baden
  2. Chuck Pedersen

Grandsire Rosasharn FS Hearts D’sire received Reserve grand Champion
under Chuck Pedersen

B) Fall 2012 IDGR Online Show usagoatshow.com Judge: Timothy Flickinger, Grand Champion


Echo Hills Elizabeth Swan
Echo Hills Elizabeth Swan
Miniature Dairy Goat Association – V Show

Best Udder – Summer 2012
Grand Champion – Fall 2013

Rocking Goat Tasha
Rocking Goat Tasha
Miniature Dairy Goat Association V-Show

Reserve Grand Champioin – Summer 2013
Reserve Grand Champampion – Fall 2013

Echo Hill's SG Archie
Echo Hill’s SG Archie
Miniature Dairy Goat Association V-Show

Summer 2013 Reserve Grand Champion


Goal and Achievements

  • Most of our does have easily have proven ‘extended lactations’.  Meaning they easily milk for over a year and often 18 to 20 months
  • Most of our does have easy to milk long teats and strong udder attachments
  • Conformations that are structurally correct
  • Proven dairy goats that will stand by you

Health of our Herd

  • We take the health of our herd very seriously
  • Regular hoof trimming
  • CAE negative testing yearly, if not more often
  • We do show, but not very much, to maintain health of our herd.  One never knows what is out there for disease and illness.
  • Soon we will be learning how to bacteria test our own milk; something we feel is very important
  • In Dairy Herd Improvement Milk testing, there is Somatic Cell Count per doe, monthly. this can give a strong indication if there is mastitis or other problems with the udder
  • Soon we will be learning how to fecal test our own herd, at our farm

Breeds We Raise

  • Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats
  • Mini Nubian dairy goats

Things We can do for you

  • Certified Dairy Herd Improvement Milk Tester – we can test your herd’s milk for 305 DHI and/or One-Day testing
  • Hope to soon be trained to test bacteria levels in milk, and thus will be able to test yours
  • Milk sales


Located in an old 1850’s Utah town; Goshen,  Utah County in Utah