We are sharing milk and milk products legally through the Utah Goat Share program, with Shareholders of our Northern Dawn dairy herd.

Goat Share Program

Utah Goat and Cow Share Bill

In a nutshell, here is how the Goat Share program works.  It is a pretty easy program where we are allowed to share milk with you

  • You pay a very small fee in the herd (or I may choose to “waive” the fee) so that you, as the shareholder have a limited share in the herd
  • You decide how many shares you have in the herd, which determines how much milk and/or milk products you will get
  • Because Northern Dawn does not have a licensed Raw to Retail Dairy, we can’t sell the milk. What we do is charge you a boarding fee that is comparable to what the price per gallon would be.  Thus, you as a shareholder are paying boarding fees, rather than price per gallon.
  • As per the Utah law above, you and I sign a legal agreement so that you can receive your share of the milk.  You can opt out of the agreement with written request from Northern Dawn.

Ok, so Why Would You Want to Use the Goat Share Program to Obtain Milk?

  • We at Northern Dawn want to make milk readily accessible to you, the consumer.  We produce quality raw milk and soon to have some raw milk products from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian and Nubian dairy goats.
  • In the current Utah Dairy Act, a Raw to Retail Dairy can not transport your milk. If you are obtaining your milk from a licensed Raw to Retail Dairy, you as the consumer would have to go to the farm to obtain your milk
  • We at Northern Dawn have chosen to make milk readily accessible to you, but how?  You can come out to the farm.  We can have an agent or ourselves meet you with the milk or milk products at a location closer to you
  • With the Utah Dairy Act, we would not be able to share milk products such as yogurt etc with you. Through the Goat Share program, we can share them with you.
  • We have some great people from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund helping us with our Shareholder Agreement, so that its simple and good for both you and us. Great group of people who love to help us share and consume natural farm products.
  • No down time for obtaining your milk due to unforseen things that sometimes happen with licensed dairies
  • Lower prices, because there aren’t as many costs involved in producing the milk…
  • You have the opportunity to come out and see the animals and how the milk is processed
  • If you would like to see the records on temperature etc, feel free to ask
  • Do you want to suggest an improvement, feel free

How Milk from Northern Dawn Goats is Handled

We at Northern Dawn take our goat health and the safety of your milk very seriously.

  • We shave the gals’ udders and clean the udders with either baby wipes or wipes dipped in an essential oil wash
  • Does’ udders and our hands are dry while milking, to ensure that your milk is clean
  • Milk is strained shortly after milking
  • Milk is quick chilled to ensure that the milk will taste nice and fresh
  • Our herd is on Dairy Herd Improvement milk testing. Through this testing, Somatic Cell Count is taken on each doe monthly
  • Very soon we hope to also implement bacteria testing routinely as well, on the milk
  • We also hold a valid Utah Food Handler’s Permit, which we believe is very important since we handle the milk.

We will soon be making a video showing our farm handling procedures of our milk, etc.  Stay tuned for that.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Milk?

(…. this table is still a work in progress… stay tuned….)

  • Prices based upon one gallon regular monthly payments for regular pickups
  • Irregular milk pickups are a little higher price, but can be recalculated if regular pickups are later desired.



Pickup Frequency

Monthly Fee

When Fee

one gallon $7.00 weekly $28.00 Prefer upon milk pickup, but may pay monthly
1/2 gallon $3.50 weekly 14.00 as above

Goat Shares still available

We have shares still available

We have very faithful Shareholders in our herd, and appreciate them very much!  😀

View your Shareholder Account

We have a Shareholder’s Area where the shareholders will be able to get into their page to view their account.  No personal information will be given on this page and it each shareholder will be given their own password to ensure privacy.

Herd information

Soon the Northern Dawn herd will have available milk test information, for your viewing.  We feel this is very important for your understanding of milk safety.  We are also in the process of building our new milk facility.

Reviews of Northern Dawn Products

Send us a review of our milk and or service. Tell us what you use our milk and milk products for.  We love to hear from you.  Its our goal to serve you to the best of our ability.

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